Heads Up: Blog

Just a heads up for everyone. I'm going to be making some other posts on my blog from now on. I'm reaching the testing phase of my game, Maya Breaker, and I haven't had a lot of screen shots to show. That should change in coming weeks, but for now, I want to keep the blog going though the end of this development and the time til my next one.

I'll be reporting on animation, movies, current events and whatever I feel comfortable commenting on. But mostly games

Here's a screenshot for ya.

Major Milestone Reached for Maya Breaker

Yes, the last greatest block of code has been finished for Maya Breaker. The code that handles Bosses. Of course, something as grand and important as a boss fight will take lots of testing and refinement. From here on it, it will be tweaking the code, not writing large sections of it. I can safely say we are downhill from here.

That is, if you consider the testing phase downhill.

At any rate, today is a day to celebrate. I rewarded myself by playing some Steam World Dig on my Wii U. More on that tomorrow.