Maya Breaker Alpha Build is Done

Hey everybody. The Alpha Build is done. That essentially means all the necessary assets are loaded and the game isn't crashing. Are all the assets in their final form? No. Could the game use some more sprites and sound effects? Yes. But life must go on, and now the Alpha is done. I'm going to work on making the game a complete and fun experience. Images will be edited and new ones will be added before we're done, but this stage of our journey is done.

Maya Breaker is progressing

Hi everyone. I know I've been short on updates, but I've been busy with personal crisis and making of game. Things are starting to turn around, though. The game is now MORE complete than it is not. At least in terms of all the assets that need making. All I have to do now is conduct these elements into a symphony of flawless gameplay with absolutely no QA budget. hmmm...

Well, I'm going to celebrate the day anyway. The demo will be out this weekend and we can kick that around for a while.