Major Milestone Reached for Maya Breaker

Yes, the last greatest block of code has been finished for Maya Breaker. The code that handles Bosses. Of course, something as grand and important as a boss fight will take lots of testing and refinement. From here on it, it will be tweaking the code, not writing large sections of it. I can safely say we are downhill from here.

That is, if you consider the testing phase downhill.

At any rate, today is a day to celebrate. I rewarded myself by playing some Steam World Dig on my Wii U. More on that tomorrow.

Progres in Video Game Devlopment

Hey everyone. Glad to be here. I've been aloof since the Kickstarter. Frankly, I've been tired. I now have the funds to buy original music tracks and the software I need to finish the game.

Now, I just need to decide how to finish it. I've completely revised the pixel art style since the KS. I'm trying to get a new trailer out.

I know I've been pleading for votes on Steam Greenlight, but selling on Steam is very important. Even with the KS funds, this project won't be profitable unless it gets on Steam. I need this.

The Home Stretch

Maya Breaker Indie Game Steam Greenlight Page

We didn't reach out 100 votes, but we got 96. So that's pretty good. December will be the home stretch for Maya Breaker. The goal is to release the game in the lull of games for January 2015. The first release will be for Windows 7, with other OS close to follow.

Please talk to your favorite Facebook and Twitter celebrities and try to get them to promote this Greenlight!

At any rate, most of the new spritework has been loaded and I will be uploading a new trailer tomorrow.

Need More Steam Greenlight Votes


Happy Screenshot Saturday. Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving. We are just a few votes away from 100! Please share the link with everyone so we can reach out goal!

Steam Greenlight Page for Maya Breaker

In other news, the new sprite art is looking good, and I'm getting some great feed back on this sunny screenshot Saturday.

Some Setbacks with Maya Breaker

Well, the new 1.4 edition of Game Maker Studio came out, and I'm not exactly thankful for it. It has caused some setbacks. There were some unexplained crashes, but the codes is stable--and better than ever with lots of new pixel art!

Don't forget the Steam Greenlight Campaign!